Giemme produces and markets doors and windows (windows, doors and sliding doors) in wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and PVC for residential and industrial buildings, shutters, shutters, security systems, armored doors, garage doors and pergolas.

It also produces interior wooden doors: frosted glass doors, wooden and metal doors, lacquered doors, laminate doors.

Rolling Shutters

The blinding function or external light regulation, as the privacy protection can be done by different kinds of fixtures, for which the choice depends on the architectural style, from the historic and urban contest where building are located, as well as by the contribution to the energy savings and the security that is expected. The range of proposals is articulated through a wide number of types, materials, combinations, and colors.
Each type can be customized to be used for renovation or new construction. The operating devices can be manual or electric, they can be chosen from a wide variety of proposed and matching accessories. The rolling shutters being particularly exposed to the weather, the quality of the materials used and their treatments have been studied and designed to allow a long life in an efficient and good aesthetic conditions.