Giemme produces and markets doors and windows (windows, doors and sliding doors) in wood, wood-aluminum, aluminum and PVC for residential and industrial buildings, shutters, shutters, security systems, armored doors, garage doors and pergolas.

It also produces interior wooden doors: frosted glass doors, wooden and metal doors, lacquered doors, laminate doors.

“Quality means doing thing right when no one is watching”

- Henry Ford, Entrepreneur

"Architecture is the learned game; correct and magnificent of forms assembled in the light."

- Le Corbusier, Architect

“A Home without books is like a room without windows”

- Marco Tullio Cicerone, Philosopher


4 Models available.
More than 7 wood species available.
Endless paint colors of your choice.
8 Models available.
More than 7 wood species available.
Endless painting of your choice.
Bronze cladding is also available.
4 Models available.
Over 50 different finishes.
Aluminum cladding is also available.
9 Modelli disponibili.
Infinite verniciatura a scelta.
Facciate strutturali.
4 Models available.
More than 7 wood species available.
Endless painting of your choice.
Aluminum cladding is also available.

Giemme World

Do you need to replace your old windows?

Are you not sure that your old windows should be replaced, are you? Go to the appropriate section and read all the current economic incentives you could benefit from, and how to carry out a check up to know the conditions and performance of your present windows.


Looking for tailored windows for a new house?

Thanks to the work of our designers and the R & D office, Giemme is able to satisfy even the most demanding and particular requests of its customers. Our technicians can design windows and doors that fit harmoniously into the architectural style of the building with long-lasting and safe functionality.


Environment & Savings

The windows and doors manufactured by Giemme are built for acustical and thermal performance, essential for high efficiency and controlled energy construction.


Sustainability of the wood species used.


Ecology & durability: Products designed and manufactured to last in time.


Low environment impact in all the substances used in our products.


Production system and Machines efficiency as well as Thermalvalorization of waste.


GIEMME takes care of the production and sales of high quality doors and windows and is actually a reference Mark for private customers and for evolved worksites. Technological innovation within the production system and the products design have been able to conjoin tradition and performance and they offer the Italian and European customers a range of variations, which are able to cover the most different technical and stylistic needs.



For wood protection Giemme uses water based paint and varnish. Accurately selected it was chosen due to its performance on extreme climatic agents. It maintains its elasticity and adherence to the wood performing an increase in durability and beauty.