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Giemme takes care of the production and sales of its high-quality frames and currently turns out to be a reference brand especially for the private client.

Windows and doors produced by Giemme are capable of high acoustic and thermal performance, required for buildings of low environmental impact and high energy efficiency.

Technological innovation in production systems and product design have been able to combine tradition and performance to offer a wide range of solutions able to meet the different requirements technical and stylistic



The production of windows Giemme is done through the use of highly selected wood from sustainable sources, manufactured by companies that offer a certificated laminated profiles, which guarantees stability, durability and high aesthetic.

The wooden profiles, once processed are subsequently treated with primers and coatings based on acrylic resins in water emulsion with low environmental impact The windows are made of different types of size and features, the thickness may vary from 68 to 92 mm thickness.

All types provide technical features of high level and are designed to meet the most diverse requirements of aesthetics and performance thermal and acoustic


GIEMME produces several series of wood window with aluminium cladding .

The outer aluminium cladding protects the wooden structure from weathering and greatly reduces the maintenance costs.

The wood profile with aluminium cladding ensures a longer life of the window, improves the thermal performance of the frame keeping the heat inside the house as well as the naturalness warmth and beauty of the wood. Several possible configurations of profiles that provide rounded, square and coplanar, let you match the required image from the architectural choices and the context.

Several possible sections allow the adjustment of the thermodynamic performance of the frame to the climate zone they belong to.


The window PVC combines functionality and safety, innovation and design.

The PVC frames greatly reduce the operating costs of the building, the particular structure of the hollow profile equipped with gaskets, allows to reach a high value of thermal insulation. In residential areas particularly exposed to noise pollution, thanks to the contributions of special insulating glass panels excellent levels of sound insulation can be obtained.

The PVC is environmentally friendly therefore it is fully recyclable.

The PVC windows are available in a range of burglar resistance, depending on the specific performances required .

The PVC windows are made to last for a long life span, they offer exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions. Another important feature is the self-extinguishing: in case of fire the product does not spread the flame, ensuring high security.