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Wood | Alluminium | PVC


Wood shutters add elegance and strength and allow a controlled darkening.

Shutter are made of solid wood, laminated wood or multilayer plywood, designed to provide a good level of protection and durability.

They are available in various designs, shapes and thicknesses to satisfy every demand of aesthetic and functionality

The Wooden Shutters with horizontal slats allow a good adjustment of the environmental brightness, they represent the ideal solution to enhance the image of a residential environment both inside and outside of the urban context.


Range of dimming systems made of aluminum with welded frames, with several shaping choices of the profiles, rounded, squared, and coplanar for a harmonious stylistic match into any architectural context.

The jointing system of the corners by welding, ensures maximum strength and high quality of the frames.

The coating, carried out after welding, ensures corners fully protected and improves the aesthetics of the finished product, which is offered in a wide range of colors.

Is carried out in a modern painting plant and subjected to a strict quality control, to ensure quality, speed of service and long life. In addition to the traditional RAL colors and decorated wood finishes of different species, it’s possible to have a wide range of matt colors, which give the appearance of lacquered wood profiles.

The low energy required for the production of the profiles and the possibility of being completely recycled, makes aluminum a truly environmentally friendly material.


The PVC shutters combines functionality and safety, innovation and design.

The shutters can be made from one to four wings, and they can be equipped with several types of hardware.

As standard the different hardware components are black, other colors can still be managed on demand.

The main advantages of PVC shutters can be summarized as follows: a very wide colors range, excellent stability due to reinforced frame, high dimming capability, no special maintenance is required for a long lifetime, very high thermal and acoustic insulation.